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Kickstarter - Mechadrome - Heavy Metal Combat

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1 Kickstarter - Mechadrome - Heavy Metal Combat em Sex Mar 28, 2014 12:35 am

A tabletop skirmish game of giant robot metal-on-metal carnage.

Mechadrome is a "Mech Combat Gladiator Arena Skirmish Game" set in the far future where man and alien races have come together, forming teams that do battle in arenas set in abandoned, war-torn cities and industrial zones.
The game is simple, fast and fun, and the Mech models we hope to create with this Kickstarter campaign offer a wide variety of customization.

The pieces are universal and can easily be glued to any Mech for lethal combinations of cannons, pistols, missile pods, and devastating melee weapons like jackhammers, buzzsaws and siege drills.

Each Mechadrome Squad Set comes packed with 4 metal Light Mechs and 1 metal Medium Mech, plus many extra weapon pieces allowing you to select a variety of payloads.

Our Mech models come in 2 sizes. 15mm scale and 28mm scale.
15mm scale mechs are smaller in size and allow for "larger" battles where you can have a dozen mechs tearing up the arenas.
28mm scale mechs are twice as big, and a more common size in tabletop skirmish games.
These these mechs are great if like to play on big gaming tables and are also great for teams with less models.
The game rules for both scales are the same, only 28mm scale games have double the movement and shooting ranges.

Rule book do jogo: Free pdf rules

What follows are menus listing all of the pledge items and add-on items, followed by stretch goals we hope to achieve if we meet and exceed our initial funding goal.

Este kickstarter termina daqui a 24 dias.
Fica o Link para quem estiver interessado em aderir.

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