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Good by 6th edition, Hello 7th !!!

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1 Good by 6th edition, Hello 7th !!! em Qui Maio 01, 2014 10:43 pm

Está confirmado que a nova e "adorável" edição de 40k vai já ser substituída por uma nova:

Algumas das Novas Regras (ainda não confirmadas):
Run: D6 or 2D6 for Flying Monstrous Creatures that are Swooping.
Consolidations: 2D6 pick one, but you only consolidate on your turn. You can charge with your consolidation move. Opponent can overwatch. You only get to fight once per turn, so if you consolidate into a new combat you don’t get to fight, unless your fist combat didn’t fight (opponent flees).
Retreats: 6 + D6
Charge: 2D6, not affected by difficult terrain.
Move through Difficult: 2D6 pick one.
Charge through Difficult: 2D6 (The same, but -2 iniative).

Coming in from Reserves: If there is no enemy in 24” of a particular table edge, units from reserve that use this edge to enter the table can march an additional 12”
Flyers have the “Patient Hunter” special rule which means they can choose to stay in ongoing reserves.

Flee: You can chose to immediately lose combat after Hammer of Wrath, before any blows are struck. Iniative roll off as if you had lost combat. If you win, you do a normal Retreat. If you lose, the unit is destroyed. It happens before pile-ins.
Overwatch: Must win or tie an iniative roll off to overwatch. Cannot overwatch if Gone to Ground or Pinned.
Charge through Cover: -2 to initiative unless assault grenades or unit being assaulted has Gone to Ground or been Pinned.
Initiative: All models strike at their common Initiative unless they are in a Challenge, or are using Unwieldy weapons like power fists. If a unit has 3 Power Fists, and 2 Chainswords they all strike at Initiative 1.
Hammer of Wrath: Counts as part of combat resolution.
Assaulting Vehicles and Buildings: If the vehicle doesn’t have a WS (walker), then you Sweep Attack them rather than Assault them.

Psychic Powers:
Most happen at the end of the movement phase rather than the start. You have to roll for Warp charges like fantasy (complexity 4?)
Psychic powers do not require line of sight.

Unit Types:
Jump Infantry - Can use jump packs in all phases. If In difficult, and you use Jump pack, must take dangerous terrain test. Jump Packs in assault give HOW but not Rerolls.
Chariots - can Sweep Attack
Bikes - can Sweep Attack
Vehicles - d6 S6 Hammer of Wrath and have Sweep Attack which seems to replace Tank Shock. Walkers do d6 S:Unit Hammer of Wrath. “Death or Glory” against vehicle sweep attacks mean all models in unit Snapshoot at rear armor, or all models within 3” do CC attacks against rear armor. Must take fear test or WS:1. If they fail to stop the vehicle, then they take 2d6 S6 Hammer of Wrath. Only get cover saves against other vehicles.
Light Walkers - Only do 1 Hammer of Wrath. I’m thinking Killa Kans, Scout Sentinal, War Walkers.
Swarms - Take d3 wounds to Template weapons (flamers).

Special Rules:
Fleet add an extra D6, and can discard a D6 in all random moves. No Rerolls.
Move through cover, and you ignore the effects of Difficult Terrain (6” move, no iniative penalty for assault), but not Dangerous.
Shrouded: -2 to BS
Stealth: +1 to Cover
Fearless: Cannot chose to Flee
Preferred Enemy: +1 to hit for both Melee and Shooting.
Bulky: gives Hammer of Wrath.
Hit and Run: Gives Sweep Attack, cannot leave combat.
Sweep Attack: Close combat attack in the movement phase can only hit ground targets, and can be hit back. Pause during movement, cannot be within 1”. Any model within 3” can attack, and then finish movement. No Pile-ins allowed. Can be part of a Run Move. You can still shoot after a Sweep Attack. Does include Hammer of Wrath.
Vector Strike: d6 S:Unit AP:- auto hits. Hits Rear Armor. Swooping must pass within 3” of model being vector strike (no longer have to pass over). Does not count as shooting a weapon. All hits are precision hits.
Look Out Sir: On a 2+ the next closest model takes the wounds. Only 1 Look Out Sir roll for all allocated wounds. Look Out Sir is available to all models with special weapons.
Regeneration: 4+ to recover a wound. Grants Feel No Pain.

Other Rules:
Snapshooting: -3 BS.
High BS: No Rerolls for BS > 6. 1 always misses, 6 always hits.

HQ: 0-25%, must have 1 warlord
Elite: 0-25%
Troops: 20-75%
Fast Attack: 0-25%
Heavy Support: 0-25%

Secondary Detachments: 0-25%, it includes Allies, Fortifications, Formations, Lords of War and can also include units from your primary codex. You can have 3, but must pick one after rolling for game, deployment and first turn. The player who wins first turn must select first. See example below.

Allies: Allies are part of the Secondary Detachment, but count in Primary FOC. They do not have a troop or HQ limit, and you must have only 1 ally per Secondary detachment, but you can take formations from other allies.

Fortifications: Fortifications are part of the Secondary Detachment.

Formations: Formations are part of the Secondary Detachment, and don’t count in the Primary FOC.

Lords of War: If one player brings a Lord of war and the other player does not, the first player must declare his Secondary Detachment first, and the opponent has a chance to bring fourth Secondary Detachment. Any Heavy Support in this special Secondary Detachment do not count against the Heavy Support Limit.

P.S.: Geralmente o lifespam de uma edição é algo 3 a 5 anos. A 6th teve apenas 2 anos. Dai eu ter sido um pouco irónico ao chamar-la "adorável" .

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2 Re: Good by 6th edition, Hello 7th !!! em Seg Maio 05, 2014 10:24 pm

Army building in Warhammer 40K 7th Edition will be done in two, not necessarily mutually exclusive ways, named “unbound” and “battle-forged" (take whatever you want) battle forge gives bonuses.
New Missions using tactics cards in addition to our current Eternal War Missions

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3 Re: Good by 6th edition, Hello 7th !!! em Seg Maio 12, 2014 9:53 pm

Confirmado as 2 formas de construção de listas “unbound” ou “battle-forged":

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4 Re: Good by 6th edition, Hello 7th !!! em Seg Maio 12, 2014 10:04 pm

Agora é que o jogo vai ficar "equilibrado".

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5 PsyPowers !!!!! em Ter Maio 13, 2014 7:38 am

Alguns do novos poderes psiquicos:

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6 Re: Good by 6th edition, Hello 7th !!! em Qua Maio 14, 2014 11:55 am

Novas Missões de 40k !

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7 Re: Good by 6th edition, Hello 7th !!! em Seg Maio 19, 2014 9:47 pm

Mudanças confirmadas:
Shooting Attacks

  • Splitfire no longer needs a Leadership test to perform, it presumably just works like declaring normal shots.
  • Now groups of weapons resolve their fire (hitting, wounding, and making armor saves etc.) for each group of like weapons separately.  That opens up a lot of tactical flexibility for sure, as far as placement of models etc...

All of the Vehicles

  • Exploding a vehicle now happens on a d6 roll of "7" so bringing the big guns with high Armor Penetration values to bear may be paramount now for most lists.
  • Hull Points are still stripped per normal, but killing them outright should now take the most dedicated of weapons (or just getting lucky with convention weapons against open top vehicles).

Boots on the Ground

  • All Units in 40k are now scoring.
  • However Troops taken in Battle-Forged lists get a new rule called "Objective Secured" that allows them to deny other scoring units, while scoring objectives themselves.

Battle-Forged Armies

  • Force Organization = 1 HQ, 1 Troop, and X "Detachments"
  • Get to re-roll Warlord Trait and troops in BF armies obtain the "Objective Secured" special rule.

Allies Chart?

  • New Detachments in Battle-Forged Armies called "Combined Arms and Allied".
  • Introduction of "factions" for what can be fielded in what combination in each of the two new detachments previous.

Tactical Objectives

  • Each player starts with three? Tactical Objective cards, and can discard/draw one each turn. 
  • Cards requiring players to hold Objectives can not be discarded, and some cards interact differently with some of the new Malestorm of War missions.

Turn Sequence

  • Hinted at as Movement, Psychic, Shooting, Assault
  • Assaulting though difficult terrain is now just a flat -2". 

Psychic Phase 

  • If you roll for all powers of one discipline you get the primaris power for free.
  • Perils of the Warp has at least three results which all sound very scary. 
  • Perils is on any casting result containing two sixes (boxcars)
  • New Psychic Discipline "Sanctic" still unspoiled. 

All of the Rules

  • The new rulebook will contain the rules for Super Heavy Vehicles, Gargantuan Creatures, and Destroyer Weapons.   

Link Pdf do Preview da nova edição: 7th preview

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8 Re: Good by 6th edition, Hello 7th !!! em Ter Maio 20, 2014 10:17 pm

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