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Vem ai HORDES: Exigence !

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1 Vem ai HORDES: Exigence ! em Qui Jul 10, 2014 7:25 pm

As titanic battles are fought across western Immoren, the fires of a war more ancient and terrible than any of those conducted by mortals are being stoked to world-consuming fury.
The leaders of the United Kriels fight to ensure their survival by calling on both old and new allies, including the recently awakened mountain kings.
Aloof from the struggles of the other factions, Xerxis leads an army in a risky gambit amid the larger plans of Supreme Archdomina Makeda, positioning the skorne to subjugate Ios.
Meanwhile, events already set in motion by Krueger the Stormlord threaten to scar the face of Caen itself as he works toward his ultimate goal: the destruction of the dragon Everblight.
Ancient beings advance toward an apocalyptic end game with no regard for the innocents caught in their path, and only time will tell if great heroes will find a way to forestall this doom.

•  New warcasters, including new epic versions.
•  Three new character lesser warlocks who bring even more furious support to your army.
•  New units and solos to expand HORDES armies with new strategic possibilities.
•  New narrative fiction picking up directly after the harrowing events of HORDES: Gargantuans.
•  A painting and modeling guide to help you prepare your forces for battle.
•  Theme Force lists for each new warcaster, which allow you to create armies based on specialized forces found in the HORDES world.
Nova Warlock de Gatorman:

Jaga-Jaga has risen to prominence as a high priestess of the Blindwater Congregation.
In her talons writhe the spirits of death drawn from the swamps, each eager to comply with her designs.
She is an enigmatic creature, whispering into the darkness to converse with ravening things of shadow. Around her the unseen spirits bubble close to the surface, drawn to her as leeches are drawn to disturbances in the water.

Novo Warlock de Circle:

Bradigus Thorle is a master of stone and elemental power.
The very earth responds to his will, and he easily wields the titanic powers flowing beneath the surface of Caen.
At his command massive rocks rise from the ground to obliterate men and beasts, and mighty wolds stride forth from the wilderness to crush the enemy between their stony fists.
Será um discípulo do baldur ?

E o novo kit Seraph/Neraph:

Ainda bem que ainda não encomendei um, vai ser já o novo kit !  pirat

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2 Re: Vem ai HORDES: Exigence ! em Qui Jul 10, 2014 7:32 pm

Novo Warlord de Trolls - Epic Borca:

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3 Re: Vem ai HORDES: Exigence ! em Sab Jul 12, 2014 10:22 am

Epic Xerxis:

O 2º Warcaster que é um battle-Engine.

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4 Rumours Round-up ! em Ter Ago 05, 2014 12:43 pm



    all damage spirals noted here in go Mind/Body/Spirit

    Circle Oroboros

        -Rumored to have Kreuger3 or Kromac2
        Bradigus Thorle:
        Stats are confirmed:
        Spd 5?, Str ?, Mat 5-6?, Rat 6?, Def 14, Arm 16, Cmd ~8
        Damage Boxes 17
        Fury 6
        WB: +6
        FA: C
        Large Base
        Rock Throw
        Rng ?, Rof ?, Aoe ?, Pow ?, Beatback (May be Pow 12/Rof higher than 2)
        >Rock Strike
        Pow ?, PS ?, ?
        Specialization [Wold]: Can only take wolds in his battle group
        *Action (Skill 10): Repair d6 damage on a wold in b2b contact
        Battering Ram
        Cost 3 nuke (can't remember which)
        Cost 2, Ctrl, BG gains Blessed and Magical Weapon
        Pick a board edge and pick a number from 1 to 5. Bradigus battlegroup is pushed that many inches towards the board edge picked, then at the end of turn is pushed that many inches back.
        Argus Moonhound:
        Circle Light Warbeast
        Spd 7, Str 7, Mat 5, Rat 4, Def 15, Arm 14, Cmd 7
        Fury 3
        Threshold 9
        Damage boxes 21 (7/7/7)
        PC: 4
        FA: U
        Medium Base
        Circular Vision
        Mark Target
        *Action (Hunting Howls): Enemy models lose Stealth and Camouflage while within 5" of this model. Hunting Howls lasts for one round.
        >2x Bite
        Pow 4, PS 11
        >Animus: Hound
        Cost 1, Rng 8, Offensive
        If target enemy model advances during its activation, immediately after ending this movement this model can advance up to 3". A model can move only once per turn as a result of Hound. Hound lasts for one round.
        Rotterhorn Griffon
        Circle Light Warbeast
        Spd 6, Str 8, Mat 6, Rat 1, Def 14, Arm 15, Cmd 6
        Fury 3
        Threshold 8
        Damage boxes 22 (8/7/7)
        PC: 4
        FA: U
        Medium Base
        *Action (Shrill Shriek): Models within 2" of this model suffer a POW 8 damage roll.
        >2x Claws
        Pow 3, PS 11, Open Fist
        >Animus: Acceleration
        Cost 2, Rng 6
        At the end of target friendly Faction model's activation, that model can immediately perform a special action. Acceleration lasts for one round.
        Rumors are:
        -Supposedly a character heavy
        -Satyr statline with mat buff and cmd buff?
        -Primal Magic
        -Staff is Reach, Magical Weapon
        -possibly 8/8/10 or 8/9/9
        Una the Falconer
        Circle Character Solo
        Spd 6, Str 5, Mat 5, Rat 6, Def 15, Arm 13, Cmd 8
        5 Damage boxes
        Fury 4
        PC: 3
        FA: C
        Small base
        Lesser Warlock
        Specialization [Warbeasts with Flight] = Can only use warbeasts with Flight and Una can take those beasts at -1 PC
        Bird's Eye
        >3x Birds of Prey
        Rng Ctrl, Rof 1, Pow 10, Black Penny
        Pow 4, PS 9, Magical Weapon
        Dog Pile
Legion of Everblight

        Spd 7, Str 9, Mat 7, Rat 6, Def ?(Rumored 15), Arm ?(Rumored 15), Cmd 8
        Damage Boxes 16
        Fury 6
        WB: +4?
        FA: C
        Medium Base
        Conferred Rage
        -Spontaneous Mutation for Warbeasts in BG but they can only force once
        -Potentially has a passive that affects Grotesques
        >Blighted Tail Strike
        Pow 6, PS 15, Reach
        -Rumored to have an attack spell
        >Feat: ???
        Enemy warbeasts and warjacks currently within Abyslonia's control area suffer the effects of crippled systems. ??? lasts for one round.
        Blight Wasps
        Spd 7, Str 6, Mat 5, Rat 3, Def 14, Arm 13, Cmd 7
        Fury (Number of Wasps currently alive)
        Threshold 7
        Damage Boxes 5
        PC: 5 (Leader + 3)
        Pow 6, Pow 12, Reach, Crit: Poison
        -Pull on the Tail
        -Animus is Locker
        Legion Character Nephilim Heavy Warbeast
        Spd 6, Str 11, Mat 7, Rat 5, Def 13, Arm 18, Cmd ?
        Fury 4
        Threshold 10
        Damage boxes 28 (either 9/9/10 or 8/8/12)
        PC: 12
        FA: C
        Large Base
        Eyeless Sight
        Affinity [Rhyas]: Long Leash
        Affinity [Saeryn]: Channeler
        >2x Blade
        Pow 6, PS 17, Reach, Chain Attack: Smite
        >Animus: Rage
        Grotesque UA
        Rumored but no evidence to support that I am currently aware of
        Fyanna the Lash
        Legion Blighted Nyss Character Solo
        Spd 7, Str 7, Mat 7, Rat 4, Def 15, Arm 12, Cmd 9
        5 Damage boxes
        PC: 3
        FA: C
        Small base
        Rapid Strike
        Attack types: Dismember, Pitch, Beat Back
        >Barbed Lash
        Pow 5, PS 12, Reach, Chain Weapon, Chain Strike
        -Rumored to get either a new character or Morghoul3
        Skorne Epic Cavalry Warlock
        Huge based
        -described as "doesn't let injuries slow him down"
        Couple sets of rumors
        -Rumored to be Def 12/Arm 19 with Invioable Resolve, Unstoppable Force
        -Rumored to be Def ?/Arm 18 with Impervious Flesh and Battle Lust
        -Supposedly has a slam mechanic speculation being either *Attack: Smite, or Bull Rush (Order)
        Weapon is supposedly Reach and Chain Weapon
        Swarm Scarabs
        -Art shown, no rumors
         Insectile creature
        -Art on cover, no rumors
        Tyrant Zaadesh
        Skorne Character Solo
        Spd 6, Str 6, Mat 6, Rat 4, Def 13, Arm 15, Cmd 9
        5 Damage boxes
        Fury 4
        PC: 3
        FA: C
        Small base
        Lesser Warlock
        Protective Battlegroup = Once per round, when this model is directly hit by a ranged or magic attack during your opponent's turn, you can choose to have another model in this model's battlegroup within 2" of this model that is not incorporeal, knocked down, or stationary to be directly hit instead. The chosen model is automatically hit and suffers all damage and effects.
        Pow 6, PS 12, Reach, Magical Weapon
        Tag Team (Cost 3, Rng Self, Aoe Ctrl, Upkeep, while in this model's CTRL area, models in its battlegroup gain +2 to attack and damage rolls against models in the melee range of other models in the battlegroup)
        -Rumored to get Madrak3 or potentially Doomshaper3
        >>Borka, Vengeance of the Rimshaws
        Trollblood Epic Trollkin Cavalry Warlock
        Spd 7, Str 9, Mat 8, Rat 5, Def 14, Arm 18, Cmd 9
        Damage boxes: 18
        Fury: 5
        WB: +6
        FA: C
        Large Base
        Combat Rider
        Field Marshal [Immunity: Cold]
        Rng 8, Rof 1, Aoe 3, Pow 12
        Pow 6, PS 15, Magical Weapon, Reach, Crit: Smite
        Pow 14, Crit: Brutal Damage
        Battle Charged
        Frost Hammer
        Snow Shroud (Cost 2, Rng 6, Upkeep, Target friendly faction model/unit gains concealment and Immunity: Cold)
        >Feat: Ice Storm
        While in Borka's control area models gain Stealth. When an enemy model without Immunity: Cold hits one or friendly models in Borka's control area that have Immunity: Cold with a melee attack, the enemy model becomes stationary after the attack is resolved. Ice Storm lasts for one round.
        Dozer and Smigg
        Trollblood Dire Troll Character Warbeast
        Spd 5, Str 12, Mat 5, Rat 6, Def 12, Arm 19, Cmd 6
        Fury 4
        Threshold 10
        Damage boxes 28 (9/10/9)
        PC: 9
        FA: C
        Large Base
        Regeneration [d3]
        Veteran Leader [Dire Troll Blitzer]
        Special Issue [Gunnbjorn]
        Affinity [Gunnbjorn]: While Dozer and Smigg is in Gunnbjorn's Control Area, it gains boosted blast damage rolls.
        >2x Claw
        Pow 3, PS 15, Open Fist
        Rng 14, Rof 1, Aoe 3, Pow 14, Arcing Fire, Inaccurate
        >Animus: Bank Shot
        Target friendly Faction model gains +2 to Aoe ranged attack rolls. When the target model's Aoe ranged attacks deviate, you can reroll the direction, and or distance of deviation. Each roll can be rerolled only once as a result of Bank Shot. Bank Shot lasts for one turn.
        Rumors around of a heavy with the animus Elasticity
        Art shown, no rules
        -may be Trollkin Highwaymen
        Horgle Ironstrike
        Trollblood Trollkin Character Solo
        Spd 5, Str 7, Mat 6, Rat 4, Def 12, Arm 15, Cmd 8
        8 Damage boxes
        Fury 4
        PC: 3
        FA: C
        Medium base
        Immunity: Fire
        Lesser Warlock
        Specialization [Pyre and Slag] = Can only use Pyre and Slag trolls and Horgol can take those trolls at -1 PC
        Burnt Meat = Warbeasts can charge targets suffering cont. fire for free
        >Flaming Sword
        Pow 4, PS 11, Magical Weapon, Cont. Fire
        >Smith's Hammer
        Pow 5, PS 12, Magical Weapon, Crit: Ram
        Hot Shot
        Molten Metal
        Has Defensive Ward and Dash
        Medium Base
        -Said to have spell list made of strong spells
        -Supports army in a lot of ways
        -kinda like a foil to Carver
        Specializes in Death Magic
        -snake has been compared to Skarath via Dahlia so potentially a bite and/or corrosion spray
        -possibly has Shadow Pack or a spell to otherwise give Stealth (Occultation/Shadowmancer)
        -may have Reclaim or Cull Soul or some other soul mechanic
        -has a spell that prevents casting and upkeeping spells in her ctrl area
        Art shown, no rules
        -Rumors suggest he's a Weapon Master solo with Reach and potentially Spell Ward
        -Supposedly has a rule to generate attacks (Berserk speculated)
        -Possibly had a movement ability at some point (Homicidal Maniac, Overtake, and Killing Spree have been speculated)
        Sacral Vault
        Minion Blindwater Battle Engine
        Spd 4, Str 0, Mat 0, Rat 5, Def 9, Arm 20, Cmd 10
        20 Damage Boxes
        FA: 2
        PC: 9
        Huge Base
        >Spectral Fury
        Rng 12, Rof 1, Pow 13, Rapid Fire [d3], Magical Vault,
        Dark Dominion for 1 Soul (When this model boxes a living or undead non-warcaste1~ non-warlock enemy warrior model, you can immediately make a full advance with the enemy model followed by a normal melee attack, then the boxed model is removed from play. The boxed model cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.)
        >Additional rules
        Eyeless Sight
        Arcane Vortex
        Soul Storm
        Crypt of Souls (Gain 1 soul for each living model that is destroyed in its command area. If no souls are on it at the beginning of your Control Phase it gains d3 souls. Souls can be spent to boost attack and damage rolls. Can hold up to 5 souls.)
        Soul Sacrifice (Warlock can remove a soul to gain 1 fury point during their activation)
        Meat Thresher
        Minion Farrow Battle Engine
        Spd 6, Str 12, Mat 6, Rat 5, Def 10, Arm 19, Cmd 10
        22 Damage Boxes
        FA: 2
        PC: 9
        Huge Base
        >Additional rules
        Weapon Platform
        Rng 9, Rof 1, Pow 12, Autofire [2d3]
        Pow 4, PS 16, Knockdown, Trash, Blood Reaper (on first melee atk, make an atk on all enemy models in LOS and in melee range), Grinding Wheel (additional die on attack rolls vs small based models)

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5 Pics of things to come em Ter Ago 05, 2014 7:54 pm

A nova "Porca" de Minions:

Nova unidade de Legion, Srtiders versão melee:

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6 Re: Vem ai HORDES: Exigence ! em Qua Ago 06, 2014 8:18 pm

Pote exclusivo de gencon.

Soooo sexy  geek

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7 Re: Vem ai HORDES: Exigence ! em Qua Ago 06, 2014 11:25 pm

O pote manda pinta Razz

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8 Re: Vem ai HORDES: Exigence ! em Dom Ago 10, 2014 9:16 pm

eXerxis pintado:

Nova unidade de skorne os Praetorian Keltarii:

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9 Re: Vem ai HORDES: Exigence ! em Qui Ago 14, 2014 1:09 pm

Spell card da eAbsylonia:

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