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Anunciado os proximos 4 suplemento de Chaos

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1 Anunciado os proximos 4 suplemento de Chaos em Seg Ago 19, 2013 7:44 am

Chaos will be receiving some serious treatment very soon in the form of 4 new supplements, I do not have a release date (I couldn't even get an approximate) but what I could get was the following information about what the supplements will do...
- There will be 4 supplements released within short succession, possibly even all at once
- They will be called "The Book of Khorne", "The Book of Nurgle", "The Book of Tzeentch" and "The Book of Slanesh"
- They will work for both chaos space marines AND chaos Daemons in a very unique way
- each will have its own unique warlord traits and some new wargear options

I asked how they work for both codex and the example I was given was something along these lines..
Each book is designed to represent a combined force of daemon and marine all working in the will of their chosen patron, this will be done by allowing players to take units from BOTH Codex: Chaos Space Marines AND Codex: Chaos Daemons without the need to ally so long as they all follow the same god. For example in the book of khorne you can take any unit from either codex as long as it doesnt have Daemon of nurgle, slaanesh or tzeentch or mark of nurgle, slaanesh or Tzeentch.

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