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Half-Life 2 - Missing Information 1.6

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1 Half-Life 2 - Missing Information 1.6 em Dom Set 01, 2013 6:21 pm

Half-Life 2 - Missing Information 1.6
É um MOD, que adiciona mais níveis ao jogo Half-Life 2.
Os novos níveis passam-se antes do inicio da história original, alguns extras acrescentados para o meio e quem já jogou o episódio 2, deve-se lembrar do sneak-peak do episódio 3 onde se via o cargueiro de investigação que tinha desaparecido no triângulo das bermudas, com este MOD já podemos jogar o "episódio 3".

If there’s anything that has been worked on the most, it’s the maps. The first three chapters of our storyline, the arrival in City 17, which takes you through the industrial section of City 17, an abandoned construction yard, and many more areas of the Combine controled city, and the escape from City 17 through the bowels of the city have all been fleshed out by our four mappers, Isotope, Mugofdoom, Scart, and our newest member, Flat Zeus. The maps have really come to life both visually and gameplay-wise, with many puzzles to keep the player interested and a realistic decaying city for the player to explore.

We are pleased and relieved to announce that Missing Information 1.6 is now available to the general public. The highlight of this release is of course the heavily overhauled Hyperborea chapter. We listened to your criticisms and what you will find in this mod is a rebalanced campaign with altered gameplay and a much better sampling of health and items, as well as numerous bug fixes. Yes, the crash bug in the last map is a thing of the past, and so is Odell’s surreal descent down the stairs. Although admittedly the first year of this release’s development was spent doing virtually nothing, we gained a few more team members and went into overdrive in the last year and three months with the determination to deliver something that felt as close to a polished Valve chapter as possible. We spent time coming up with a plausible story behind the Hyperborea, one that we feel is probably as close to Valve’s original intentions as anyone is going to get, and we have done our best to ensure the gameplay and scripted sequences keep in line with this story. Many areas have received a visual overhaul as well and a sampling of new models and textures have been created to give the mod more of a distinct feel.

The Cremator
The Cremator is a Combine janitor of sorts, based off concepts from the book Raising the Bar, he is a transhuman, cyborg type being with a stomach that produces a corrosive acid. This acid is pumped through a hole in his stomach, through a hose connected to his gun, known as an Immolator. His job, is basically to go in after a major fight or outbreak of Xen wildlife in the cities and spew his stomach acid on the bodies and aliens, and basically clean up the mess left by Civil Protection.

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