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Novas minis no horizonte

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1 Novas minis no horizonte em Qui Set 19, 2013 12:01 pm

Colossal do anões:

Weapons: 2x P+S 20 open fists
2x guns: RNG 12 POW 13 Rapid Fire [d3]
2x torpedo launchers: RNG 10 POW 13 AOE 4 (variable torpedoes)
- Crater - AOE is rough terrain and remains in play for one round (from the Gun Carriage)
- Quake - KD on direct hit (from the Avenger, etc.)
- Drill - ignores cover and elevation

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2 Novas Minis a caminho ! em Sab Nov 16, 2013 8:55 am

Novas minis de W/H:



Bane Rider: Cryx Cavalry Unit:


STR 7     MAT 6     RAT 4     DEF 12     ARM 18     CMD 8


Point Cost:
Leader & 2 Grunts: 7
Leader & 4 Grunts: 11

Base Size: Large

Damage: 5 each

Curse [Bane Riders] – RNG CMD. Target enemy model/unit. If the model/unit is in range, it is cursed. A friendly Bane Riders model charging a cursed model gains +2” movement. Friendly Bane Riders models gain +2 to attack rolls against cursed models. Curse can be used once per activation. And lasts one turn.

Ghostly – This model can advance through terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance through obstructions if it has enough movement to move completely past them. This model cannot be targeted by free strikes.


Bane Blade [1x] (None) POW: 5 P+S: 13 (Brutal Charge; Reach)
Mount [1x] (None) POW: 12

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3 Re: Novas minis no horizonte em Sex Abr 04, 2014 11:33 am

Novo chapter warjack de retribution o "Imperatus":

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