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Demo play do DeadZone

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1 Demo play do DeadZone em Sex Jan 31, 2014 9:50 pm

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2 Re: Demo play do DeadZone em Qua Fev 05, 2014 9:50 pm

Deadzone how does it actually play?
Well, not enough has been written about that here yet, so let's get into some of the distinguishing features of this game that set it apart from other skirmish systems.

Grid movement:
Unlike most other wargames out there, Deadzone uses grid movement as opposed to free measuring.
But here's the thing: it still uses real line of sight.
That means that while judging movement and ranges can be calculated quickly and without hassle, you still have to consider the true line of sight your units maintain, so where you place your forces within a square still feels very much like it does in a free-measuring game.
In other words, you may move your Enforcer two spaces, but that's not all you must consider. You need to think about what sort of cover and LOS that you can set up in that destination square.
It's a very clever system and it works.

The manipulation of the psychology of each of your units and that of your enemies is key in Deadzone. There are 4 different levels of aggression in Deadzone.
In ascending order, you have suppressed, pinned, alert, and enraged.
Your default state is alert, and your units act normally in that state.
If you go to enraged, your close quarters fighting gets better, but your shooting is worse.
If you are pinned you need to waste an action (you get two per unit per round) to get back to alert status.
If you're suppresed, you are totally tapped out for a round.
What is interesting is that it's not an entirely good/bad sliding scale. Enraged vs. alert have trade-offs, but being pinned/suppressed will sometimes give you benefits for surviving as well.
There is amazing tactical depth in managing all of this, in spite of how straight forward it is as a system.

Shooting vs. Blazing Away:
There are two different ways of using ranged weapons in the game. Targeted shooting, which works in a manner we are all familiar with, but then there is "Blaze Away", which is just a colorful way of saying suppression fire.
When a model blazes away, it takes aim at a single square on the map (it doesn't need line of sight on a model within the square, just line of sight on the square itself) and lets rip.
Instead of calculating regular damage, a unit in the targeted space suffers psychologically. In other words, if you are getting advanced on by a horde and you need time to set up defenses, blaze away at your enemies and make them hit the dirt. It'll make them waste actions and time getting back up, thus slowing their advance.
Meanwhile, rush them and finish them off in close combat while they are down and vulnerable, or get into cover yourself!

In certain circumstances you can even cause damage by blazing away, because once a unit's psychological state starts to dip below suppressed they take damage instead. You can even use other models as spotters to increase the volume of fire you pour into a given area.

It takes a while to get used to finding the right times to use shoot vs blaze away, and becoming familiar with this system is critical to playing the game properly.  
I like that suppression plays such a large role in the game, since in real warzones something like 97% of fire exchange is suppression fire.  

Secret agendas:
Each side is trying to score 10 victory points, but neither side knows how the other is supposed to do it.
Your opponent may be trying to assasinate your team leader, or get his forces off the board through your deployment zone, or by capturing and controlling certain spaces, or even just survive a certain nº of rounds !
You need to be attentive to how he is behaving because if he's just hiding on his side of the board, you're probably losing !
Meanwhile you need to be focusing on your own objectives, so there is a lot to consider at any given moment beyond what to shoot at.  

Those are some of the more interesting and distinct ideas that Deadzone brings to the table, and I think that in each case it carries them off with aplomb. Hopefully I've given you some ideas about what the game is like to play, and piqued your curiosity a little !

Pelo que já vi e li concordo plenamente com esta análise do jogo.

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3 DeadZone BattleReport ! em Seg Fev 10, 2014 8:56 am

DeadZone BattleReport:

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4 Re: Demo play do DeadZone em Seg Fev 10, 2014 6:42 pm

O rep está porreiro, o cenário realmente torna o jogo 3x mais interessante.

No entanto há coisas que parecem estranhas, talvez por nao estar habituado a jogos de reacção como infinity.

Suppressing fire para limitar movimentos + overwatch para fazer coisas no turno do oponente pareceram um pouco confusas, mas devem fazer + sentido quanto mais começar a perceber do jogo

Btw movimento por square zones parece engraçado, mas como é que defines a posição exacta dentro da zona assim como o facing? Podes meter onde quiseres desde que esteja a base totalmente dentro do quadrado?

Gostei dos hidden objectives, um pouco como malifaux ^^

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5 Re: Demo play do DeadZone em Qui Fev 13, 2014 9:05 pm

Btw movimento por square zones parece engraçado, mas como é que defines a posição exacta dentro da zona assim como o facing? Podes meter onde quiseres desde que esteja a base totalmente dentro do quadrado?

Pode-se colocar o modelo em qualquer sitio dentro do quadrado, como as distancias de tiro e carga são medidas pelos nº de quadrados, não importa onde se coloca o modelo dentro do quadrado.
No entanto se no quadrado tiver uma barreira para dar cover, vais querer posicionar o modelo de forma a beneficiar dele. Eu só colocava fora do cover se este afecta-se a line of sight do modelo.
Pelas regras do jogo, tens de conseguir traçar uma linha entre o atirador e o alvo.

Outra coisa engraçada é o Suppressing fire, faz-se para o quadrado e não o modelo, ajuda a bloquear linhas de carga e/ou suprimir mais que um modelo.

As regras até são simples de se aprender, pelo que já vi (battlereports) e li (rulebook). Basta um jogo para começar-se a dominar o jogo.

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6 Re: Demo play do DeadZone em Qui Fev 13, 2014 9:05 pm

Setting a DeadZone Game:

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7 Factions breakdown em Ter Fev 18, 2014 9:50 pm

Plague breakdown

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8 Factions breakdown em Qui Fev 20, 2014 2:03 pm

Factions breakdown the enforcers

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9 Factions breakdown the rebels em Qua Fev 26, 2014 8:25 am

Factions breakdown the rebels

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